Life and Achievements
His interest in Korean martial arts started in 1989 at a young age.

In 1992 he started training in traditional Taekwondo-Do with Grand Master Son Jong-Ho. In 1997 he became the group trainer in self-defense and personal combat for the police force of Austria’s federal state, Karnten.

In 1999 Perkounig was Europe’s youngest classic taekwondo black-belt teacher in the central dojang. He taught combat and self-defense at the Volkshochschule in addition to serving as the assistant director of central dojang in the International Classic Taekwondo Federation of Europe.

2000 - He performed in many different countries as a member of the European Demonstration team.

2004 – As member of the Classic Taekwondo Club he became the director of the Taekwondo Center in Vienna’s city center. He also became responsible for the development of traditional Taekwondo in northern and eastern Austria.

2005 – He founded Taekwondo martial arts programs in the Volkshochschule Association of Vienna. He also organized traditional Taekwondo demonstrations at the Vienna Sports Festival /Donauinselfest as well as at other official events in Austria, Germany and Italy.

2008 – He co-founded the traditional Taekwondo community and organized special programs to help promote the psychological and physical well-being of children and teens.

2009 – He was co-founder of his personal Taekwondo System, a central part of his life focus.

2011 – After achieving the title of Grand Master in traditional Taekwondo he served as technical director of Austria’s first public Taekwondo Budo class, held in Vienna with attendance of over 200 Taekwondo enthusiasts. Among them were 30 Dan participants. The proceeds from this charity event were donated to cancer care centers.

2012 – Grand opening of own Taekwondo studio in the Riemergasse in Vienna’s city center.

2013 – He started plans to introduce this traditional form of martial arts to the USA, which culminated in the opening of a traditional style Taekwondo Black Belt Center in 2014 as a starting point in the US.

2014 – His efforts resulted in the founding of the Traditional Style Taekwondo Association (TSTA).

2015/16 he is the founder and chief trainer of traditional style Taekwondo association.

„Develop your strength and energy“ – that’s the motto of Grandmaster, Rene G. Perkounig.